Tom Gleeson

I teach engaging classes that encourage critical thinking rather than rote learning, often using challenging, real-world data and problems.

What do I do differently in the class room?

Check out a presentation on active learning techniques to the faculty to engineering (Feb 2013) or blurb at an end of this article.


What are the 15 most important topics to teach every hydrogeology student?

Check out the list in Gleeson et al. 2012 HESS

Courses at McGill

  • Hydrology and Water Resources (CIV323, fall)
  • Groundwater Hydrology (CIV520, fall)
  • Interuniversity Groundwater Hydrology (CIV648, winter)
Tom Gleeson teaching

Great student term projects

Students in my grad classes conduct original research involving numerical modeling, data compilation or a critical review paper. Some of these even end up as peer-reviewed articles, not related to their thesis work. Here are a selection to inspire future students and show how manuscripts can evolve...

  • Mark Ranjram (fall 2013) compiled data on how permeabilty changes with depth crystalline rocks. This has been submitted to Geofluids.
  • Hauke Blaken and Leila Pike (fall 2013) modeled how storm surges can lead to saltwater intrusion in barrier islands.
  • Amir Niazi and others (winter 2013) developed a new method for conjunctively managing water in arid regions using artificial groundwater recharge. This has been submitted to Water Resource Management.
  • Claire Gassiat and Ben Heikimi (winter 2012) modeled groundwater age in layered aquifer systems, accidentily finding consistent old age zone which turned into an article in Geophysical Research Letters.
  • Edith Maroy (winter 2012) critically reviewed how groundwater recharge is sensitive to land use changes and soil degradation.
  • In previous classes, students have also made student reserach videos and here are two of those...


Videos of physical aquifer experiments for other teachers...